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These Terms of Use apply to each and every website registered as a part of Singularity Network, including but not limited to:,,,


  • Staff decisions are final. Ultimately, staff has complete discretion over what is and is not acceptable on Singularity Network.
  • Public discussions of staff decisions are not permitted. If you have any concerns or queries relating to a staff decision, please take it up in private with a member of the site administration team, or contact me directly if you think you are treated unfairly by an admin
  • All members must be treated in a respectful manner.
  • No “Flaming”. Please do not post any messages that harass, insult, belittle, threaten or flame another member or guest.
  • No “Trolling”. Don’t create meaningless threads with the sole purpose of starting a dispute. This includes messages in profiles and signatures.
  • No “Spamming”. Please do not double post or cross-post the same message in multiple forums. You will not mass-PM or mass-email multiple members of this site with the same message.
  • Limited “Bumping” (Your threads/posts): Please do not repeatedly bump your threads to try and get attention. Most members of the site are not online 24 hours a day and so will not see your post the instant it is made. Do not bump a thread within 24 hours, and not more than seven times a week.
  • Limited “Bumping” (Other’s threads/posts): Before replying to a thread, take notice of the last post date. Try and avoid replying to posts more than 12 months old. If you have a similar question and cannot find the answer, create your own thread.
  • No Offensive Material: Please do not post messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory, and/or otherwise violate of any local or international laws. This includes links in your signature, profile, posted images, photos and avatars. Staff will ultimately decide if something is appropriate or not.
  • Please note that this is a T rated site and therefore it may contain suggestive themes, crude humor, and/or infrequent use of strong language.
  • No spreading of any copyrighted material is to take place on this site without the expressed permission of the copyright holder, which must be attached to the material.
  • No Trading: This site is not a market place. You may not sell or solicit to purchase any product or software anywhere on this forum.
  • You may not post any plugin, product, style, or other code that is encrypted in any way. All code must be visible source.
  • Affiliate links may be posted anywhere on Singularity Network as long as it’s in the right place, or be included in any mod code or template. Affiliate links are links with unique code to give you credit or financial gain when a user clicks on it. This includes using “URL Shortening” for links to any sites with potential for affiliate credit.
  • All posts must be in English. If you do not speak English please use a translator before posting. Translation to other languages may be posted.
  • No posting messages anywhere on this site that are primarily for the promotion or advertising of any website, forums, email address, business, MLM, activity, servers or other entities that you have or have not an affiliation with.
  • Provide false information about yourself to us, impersonate any other person, or otherwise attempt to mislead others about your identity or the origin of any content, message or other communication.
  • Disrupt, place unreasonable burdens or excessive loads on, interfere with or attempt to gain unauthorized access to any portion of our website, its computer systems, servers or networks.
  • Upload, post or otherwise transmit through or to this website any content that:
    • is unlawful, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, lewd, offensive, defamatory or otherwise objectionable.
    • might infringe the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, rights of publicity, or other proprietary rights of others.
    • contains any viruses, trojan horses, time bombs, or any other harmful programs or elements.


  • No Griefing – Randomly breaking or placing blocks within a world is strictly prohibited. Asking a player to help him build and destroying his building is also prohibited.
  • No Client Mods/Exploits – Client modifications or exploits to the game are not allowed. (flying, speed, xray, item duplication etc.)
  • No Advertising/Spam – No advertising servers/websites/mods in the chat or filling the chat with repeated messages.
  • Common sense – This is a game, be respectful, have fun, don’t rage, don’t harass people, etc.
  • No Chargebacks – Chargebacks are cheating your way deliberately to buy from the store for free.

Conventions – These are some general guidelines we have come to expect as a community. They generally do not result in an immediate ban and are instead resolved on a case-by-case basis.

Don’t AFK for extended periods of time. This takes up server resources and breaks mob spawning for everyone else in the world. If you aren’t actively playing the game then log out. Attempting to get around AFK timers with minecarts or boats will result in a kick and/or a ban.

Don’t run high-frequency clocks. Again, this takes up server resources and causes others to lag. If you need a clock make sure it’s running at a reasonably slow tick rate to avoid annoying everyone else.

Keep farms and mob grinders to sane levels. Same as with AFKing and clocks, large amounts of mobs/animals causes lag for everyone on the server. 50 mobs/animals equals one player as far as server resources. So for each 50 mobs, that’s 1 less person that can join the server.

Do not build right next to some ones land claim without their consent. Minimum distance between you and another player is 100 blocks.

If you encounter a bug or issue on the server, you oblige that you will report this issue and not use it for your own gain.


The information distributed in conjunction with this website is offered to you on your acceptance of these Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy and other notices posted on this website. Your use of any content presented in any and all areas of the website indicates your acknowledgment and agreement to these Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy and other notices posted on this website. If you do not agree to be bound by and comply with all of the foregoing, you may not access or use our information or website services. We suggest you print a copy of each of these documents for your records. shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, add or remove any terms or conditions of these Terms of Use without notice or liability to you. Any changes to these Terms of Use shall be effectively immediately following the posting of such changes on this website. The most recent version of these Terms of Use may always be found at You agree to review these Terms of Use from time to time and agree that any subsequent use by you of this website following changes to these Terms of Use shall constitute your acceptance of all such changes. These Terms of Use were last modified on January 14, 2016.

By accessing “Singularity Network”, you agree to be legally bound by the following terms. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the following terms then please do not access and/or use “Singularity Network”. We may change these at any time and we’ll do our utmost in informing you, though it would be prudent to review this regularly yourself as your continued usage of “Singularity Network” after changes mean you agree to be legally bound by these terms as they are updated and/or amended.

Breach of these terms will result in the removal of your account, server bans and possible legal action.

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